Horseplay: Management and Knowledge Worker Productivity

Topics: Management, Employment, Distraction Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: October 18, 2007
Horse Play In The Workplace
Recently I was asked to right a paper on horseplay in the workplace. So I will discuss how horseplay will affect profit. Later I will discuss how horseplay can cause injuries. Whilst you may be having fun, you can get seriously injured or killed. According to the definition of horseplay is rowdy or rough play. To me that means anything that can cause harm, intentionally or not. In a work environment where digital and cellular transmissions pile another layer of distractions on top of traditional horseplay on the shop floor and water-cooler gossip at the office, some distracting employees have not been so lucky. In fact, more and more businesses would be better cracking down on such distractions. It is estimated that American businesses lose around $650 billion a year through workplace distractions, according to Jonathan Spira, chief analyst of Manhattan consulting firm Basex, who authored a report called "The Cost of Not Paying Attention: How Interruptions Impact Knowledge Worker Productivity." Chuck Martin, president of NFI Research, a data analysis firm that tracks business, management, and informational technology trends, says work-related distractions like e-mail, company crises, and interruptions by co-workers are so common that 46% of business leaders arrive at work early in search of solitude. But their peace is often disrupted when their employees follow suit, seeking the boss's attention early in the morning or late in the day because there is less competition for it, says Martin, author of SMARTS: Are We Hardwired for Success? "What that does is it destroys work-life balance," Martin says. "They're basically extending the hours of the day." Martin argues in his book that the key to improving an employee's focus and productivity is acknowledging his or her strengths and weaknesses according to a set of 12 cognitive functions, including time management, stress tolerance, planning/prioritization, and...
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