Horse Whisperer

Topics: Disability, The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: March 3, 2002
Relationships change due to mishaps such as accidents leading to physical disabilities. In the novel, The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, the relationship between a mother and a daughter change drastically for the better after the daughter is burdened with a physical disability. In times of despair two people are brought closer together.

From the onset of the novel, the protagonist, Grace, is involved in a freak truck accident while riding her horse, putting her in a coma. When Grace regains consciousness she comes to the shocking realization that her left leg has been amputated. Annie, Grace's mother arrives at the hospital and responds apathetically when notified of her daughter's current situation. "Apart from a quickly suppressed urge to scream, all that came into her head was a string of questions, so objective and practical that they seemed callous"(Evans 48). The latter shows that prior to the accident Annie's relationship with Grace did not foster much love and compassion. The effects on both Grace and Annie after the crippling misfortune is apparent. "Something was happening to Annie which she couldn't yet define…"(Evans 108) and "It was oddly sensual this new intimacy she had had with her daughter"(Evans 74) illustrate how the relationship between a mother and daughter have changed.

Whether it was Annie's sense of pity or duty as a mother to her daughter, Annie decided to open up her heart and help her agonizing daughter. Even on her busiest day, Annie would research about ‘whisperers' who were believed to mend broken souls such as Grace's. When Annie heard about a whisperer named Tom Booker in Montana she wasted no time tracking him down. Through a strenuous trek, Annie finally found Tom Booker and desperately begged for his assistance. In the end Tom Booker was able to mend Grace's heart and deliver love to a mother and her daughter.
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