Horse Slaughter Research Paper

Topics: Horse, Horse meat, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Benefits of Horse Slaughter Outweigh the Consequences
“… the amount of suffering that the [horse slaughter ban] created exceded the amount of suffering it was designed to stop,” said Ingrid Newkirk, founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (Jonsson). In 2007, a ban on the inspection of horse meat was placed on the United States, but in November 2011, President Barack Obama lifted this ban with much negative feedback. Some people believe that horse slaughter is the killing of domestic animals, such as the household cats or dogs, and has no possible positive effects. However, horse slaughter in America is not completely a negative change; it has many extremely beneficial changes on the economy and even the welfare of horses.

In 2002, close to one-hundred five horses were slaughtered in three slaughter plants, two of them in Texas and one in Illinois (Cowan 1). Since horse meat is not a generally accepted food source in the United States, the majority of meat was exported to foreign countries such as Europe, and Mexico. The horse slaughtering industry exported approximately seventeen thousand metric tons, earning more than sixty-five million dollars in to the economy (Cowan 1). The ban on horse slaughtering was placed on America in 2007; this ban prohibited the inspection of horse meat by the United States Department of Agriculture. Since this ban did not restrict the consumption of horse meat by individuals, it was seen as Constitutional by Congress, so it was passed.

Since the horse slaughter industry was such a portion of the income of America before Congress defunded the regime, lifting the ban on horse slaughter not only influenced the monetary side of the economy but also the supply of food around the world where horse meat is seen as an acceptable food. The general population of America sees that horse slaughter is only harmful to the welfare of a horse, but they never consider the welfare of the horses that are being stolen and...
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