Horrors of a Slave Ship

Topics: Slavery / Pages: 4 (869 words) / Published: Mar 29th, 2013
Jill Knierim
The Horrors of a Slave Ship
History 1301-Villarreal
Due Date: 3/8/13

The article, The Horrors of a Slave Ship, is first person point of view account of the capturing of Olaudah Equiano. He tells the story of how he was captured from his home while his parents were away to be used as a slave. The article starts off with Olaudah and his sister being captured while their parents were away. They were taken into the woods, tied up, and forced to travel bound without food. After many days of traveling, Olaudah and his sister were separated. From that point he was passed around and finally landed in the hands of his first owner. His first owner was a smith and Olaudah worked in his shop. He was there for about a month before he started trying to figure out how to escape. Toward the end of his time with this master, Olaudah was given the freedom to go with the maidens to get water. With this freedom he figured out which way his father’s house was and plotted his escape. All his plotting became unnecessary when he killed a chicken. Olaudah threw a stone at a chicken one day while working with an elderly slave. When she found out what he had done she reported it to her master. Being scared of being beaten, Olaudah ran and hid in the bushes. The elderly slave and her master began looking for him, but even with the help of other people around them, could not find Olaudah. Finally, he went back to his master’s house and was found by the elderly slave. She went to get her master and instead of punishing him like he had expected, the master commanded that he be taken care of. Not long after this happened, Olaudah’s master lost his daughter and was so overtaken with grief that he sold Olaudah to a new master. This was where Olaudah’s life made a turn for the better. At his new master’s home, a surprise was waiting. This surprise was his sister, whom he had been separated from shortly after being captured. After a while of being

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