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Horrible Histories Lesson Plan

By jayhawksuz Jan 14, 2012 254 Words
Date: Day 1 Assignment: Read the Intro. and 1st 2 chap.

Make a timeline to show the group what period in history is represented by your book. Be able to show us on a map where your book takes place.

Date: Day 2 Assignment: Read next 2 chapters

Date: Day 3 Assignment: Read next 2 chapters

Do a “word study” on 3 vocabulary words THAT YOU DON’T KNOW from the book. Using the “ThinkDOTS” page, pick boxes that are more than or equal to 6 to do for EACH of the three words. You may continue this assignment until the end of the book.

Date: Day 4 Assignment: Read next 2 chapters

Choose 3 activities from the tic tac toe board to complete. You will have until the end of the book to complete these activities. I will use a rubric that we create together to assess your work.

Date: Day 5 Assignment: Read next 2 chapters

Continue working on the Day 4 assignment.

Date: Day 6 Assignment: Read next 2 chapters

Final assignment: You will have one week to complete your assignment.

Create a powerpoint or some other type of visual aid about your book. Include facts, dates, wars, catastrophes, and any other important events during your period of history. You may be as creative as you like with this assignment and can put it in any format. For example, you could use cartoons, songs, dioramas, speeches, characters, or anything that I haven’t listed. Try to think “outside” the box.

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