Horrible, Doctor Horrible

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Everyone in our society today wants to be or at least has dreamt of becoming famous, having a lot of money, and possessing everything that they want. In this day and age there are many people willing to fight for their dreams and achieve them in any way possible, even if it is through criminal actions. In many modern movies, the protagonist shows us that he or she will do anything and everything that they think is necessary in order to achieve their goals. The protagonist of modern day movies reflect our social values in an individual focus for fame, fortune and power rather than a focus to grow and progress together as a whole, proving that values of the American Dream have changed greatly. In the movie Dr. Horrible, the protagonist, Dr. Horrible, has a main goal that he is trying to achieve. Throughout the movie Dr. Horrible demonstrates numerous amounts of criminal minded actions that progressed and became worse as the plot unravelled. The reasoning behind his actions is because he wanted to become a part of the evil league of evil lead by his hero Bad Horse. This once again shows that the American Dream has changed from growing from nothing into something, as a whole, into a race to be that famous celebrity that everyone knows.

In the beginning of the movie Dr. Horrible did not seem very much like the evil villain that he believes he is. He was an evil man with morals. He didn’t believe in hurting or killing anyone in order to get what he wanted. This side of doctor horrible was shown throughout act one in the scene where he stole a brief case containing items he needed from a van. He was able to accomplish this personal goal with hurting anyone in his way, not even his enemy Captain Hammer. Just because Dr. Horrible didn’t hurt anyone during his process of getting the briefcase, he still committed to stealing something that did not belong to him. This gives him a selfish individual mind set because the only person being positively affected is himself,...
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