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Hormones Every living organism on Earth has some sort of organ system. For example, humans have their endocrine system. The endocrine system is a group of organs that release different biological substances called hormones. There are vast amounts of hormones, which means there are multiple uses that are necessary for survival. Hormones have multiple roles in the human body. For example, they assure that growth, development and maturation occurs properly and on time. Also hormones, help control the immune systems and a cell’s life span. Lastly, they help with reproduction and occur at the best possible time. However, not all hormones are in one chemical make - up group, there are multiple groups of hormones. For example, there are steroid hormones, fat soluble molecules like estrogens progesterone’s, and androgens that pass through a cell’s nucleus, binding to specific receptors and genes to trigger the cell to make proteins. Amino acids derivatives, a water – soluble molecules that are derived from amino acids that are stored in endocrine cells, binding to protein receptors to the surface of the cell, activating enzymes and other cellular proteins or influenced gene expression. Finally, Insulin, a growth hormone that polecats in and other water soluble polypeptide hormones (which consist of longs chains of amino acids varying from several to 200 amino acids long) that are stored in endocrine cells until needed. A specific example of a hormone would be Insulin. Insulin, a polypeptide, helps multiple functions of the body such as lower blood sugar levels, increase glycogen storage in the liver, and stimulate protein synthesis. Insulin is very useful, but if released into the bloodstream 24/7, would not make a person fell well. Insulin is released from the pancreas when the stimulator, blood glucose levels, is activated and stops when the inhibitor, low blood sugar levels, is activated. Too much of either can cause serious health issues. Hormones, such as

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