Horizon Consulting

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January 24, 2013
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Horizon Consulting

1. How successful was the post-meeting?
I believe that the post meeting was very successful because it was organized in a productive manner. The most important tasks were given the opportunity to choose the software engineer of their choice. The initial meeting had not gone the way that many of the employees intend however, they stayed calm and then came up with a solution to their problems. Lastly, the employees looked out for one another giving helpful input on the selection of a software engineer.

2. What factors contributed to the success of failure of this meeting?
Like stated above, I believe that the post meeting was successful because the employees worked as a team to fix an unexpected issue. They stayed calm and came up with the best solution to fix their project based on priority that would allow the most important projects to be completed first.

3. What kind of project management structure does Horizon Use? Is it the right structure?
Horizon consulting main goal of project management is to achieve all of the projected goals. They closely look at their projects and develop the best possible method to successfully achieve the goal of the project and complete it in a timely manner. The company has established engineers who work full time on the applications until completed while the other engineers work on multiple projects as needed. At the end of each project account managers submit performance reviews of their teams. The reviews are based on customer satisfaction, generation of sales mad project performance. Also, every two to three weeks Account managers are expected to demonstrate the latest versions of applications to clients this will contribute to continuous updates within the app market. Lastly, the company takes care of projects based upon priority which will help the employees to stay focused and on task.

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