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English Six
The Bucket List
Discussion Questions
Name: Gabriela Erazo
Date: 12/04/2014

1. Are you still seeking the joy in your life? If so, do you know what you are seeking? Yes, of course. The most important thing you should do is first find yourself, and when you do this you can joy your life. Now I think I'm enjoying all what I do, and also there are some times when I just want to leave everything and stay alone but that’s why I always remember what is my purpose in my life, and if you don’t have one, it’s time to find your way.

2. If you have found the joy in your life, what is it?
First what gives me joy and sense to my life is my family because I know I can trust in all of them: my two sisters, my mother and father. They give me support and they are my real and unique confident. So with all of this values I have learnt from them, I know my life is in my hands and that’s why the joy in my life depends only on me.

3. For what or whom do you live?
I live to be someone different in this world, I live for my family who is my complement but especially I live for my own self, to improve and to meet my goals. And one of my principal goals is being a professional sociology, and with my career makes the world a better place, like the song says.

4. Since we don’t have the power to live life over and do it all differently, what things would you change today if you could, in order to end up where you want to be in life? I think with each experience in our lives we learn something different. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen to us, but at the end everything is a result of our actions or thoughts. So I accept what life gives me but however, there are some situations that I would like to change like when my parents worried about me and I didn't care, or when sometimes I told the inappropriate words. I’m sure everything I have decided, helped me to be where I am and who I am. The last part of the question was: where I want to be in life? And the simple answer is where I’m now.

5. Have you created a Bucket List? Have you marked anything off of your list? If so, what are those things you have accomplished? If not, what are the obstacles in your way? Yes I have created my Bucket List. And the only thing I had accomplished is my second point which says that I have to be part of a volunteer to help abused animals, and I did it one year ago. Being part of this project was a real amazing experience, it changed my life and that’s why now I want to continue with the other points of my Bucket List. I think the only obstacle we have is our minds because everything depends on us, everything is in our hands.

6. If you haven’t created a bucket list for your life, do so now. Think of not only the places you want to go, but the people with whom you want to reconnect or meet. Yes I have, and it starts like this:

Meet new people with other cultures
Be part of a volunteer to help abused animals
Find someone who enjoy life with me
Have one daughter
Live in India to know more about its culture
Stay some time alone in a peaceful place
Be happy the most I can every day.
I made my Bucket List with only seven points because seven is my lucky number and I hope to accomplish all of them with my family help and others by my count. Creating a Bucket list will help people to think about their future and what they want for them and for the whole people who is around us. 7. Has your life brought joy to others? In what ways?

I think yes, because in everything I do, I look after how it will help me to improve my own self and also if the action or thoughts won’t damage the rest of the people. Most of the time I have brought joy to others smiling or having fun. Instead of material things or money it’s better to spend your time with other people.

8. What do you believe is the sum of a person’s life?
It depends on what each person wants for their lives. For me the sum of a person’s life is on meeting all...
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