Hooliganism: Green Street and Favorite Team

Topics: Green Street, Hooliganism, Football hooliganism Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Hooliganism is a way to act under football matches, it’s a group of people, fighting other groups just like them self. They mean that they do it for loyalty honor, and for their football club, but I’m very sure that the only reason they fight is to fight, it doesn’t makes sense but it’s the way it is. It sounds like these hooligans are stupid individuals who think very primitive, but actually is many of the hooligans full functional at their work and in the society, except when their favorite team is playing. Then they normally meet in their local pup where they meet all the other hooligans, they usually meet a few hours before the match, then they begin to drink, some of them take crack and they properly smoke to. When they walk away from the pup they go in one big group, they are ready to confront every other football fan, and they just hope that it ends up in a fight. When every hooligan have this thought there can easy become a fight out of it, so it’s actually pretty obvious why there are so much violence in the hooligan culture. Everybody knows that hooligans are violent and dangerous, as stated above some of them have a job but that is for sure not all of them, there are also many workless hooligans who have a very unsuccessful life they wake up go to the local pup drinking beer and smoking cigarettes all day, only looking forward to their favorite team’s next match. Hooligans are very bad for the community, they make a lot of vandalism they make the streets unsure and the police need to use so much power on them, at every football match in England there are a big police force to make sure or try to have a peaceful event. But almost every time do the hooligans have attentions about fighting the opponent which is the other football team’s hooligans, they often planning some place near the stadium where they meet and fight each other, but sometime they pick a place away from the stadium to make sure that the police don’t come and interrupt...
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