Hooke's Law Lab Report

Topics: Mass, Robert Hooke, Elasticity Pages: 4 (1031 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Aim: To determine a value for the spring’s force constant, k.

Hooke’s Law indicates the relationship between the amount of extension, e, of a spring to the size of the force, F, acing on it. This relationship may be written as :-
F = ke
F = ke

where k is a constant for which particular spring you are using. It is the force constant of the spring.

* The force applying on the spring, F, is denoted by Newton in SI Units. (N) * The amount of extension of the spring, e, is denoted by meters in SI Units. (m) * The force constant of the spring, k, is denoted by Newton over meters in SI Units. (N/m or N m-1)

The variables for this experiment are as identified below:

* Independent Variable: Slotted Masses of 100 g each
* Dependent Variable: The Amount of Extension of the Spring, e * Controlled Variable: The Elasticity of the Spring-in-Use


* We have set up our equipment as shown in the diagram opposite. In doing so, we made sure that the spring and meter stick hang over the edge of the bench, where the experiment is being carried out. There should be no interaction between the mass & the spring and the meter stick or the edge of the bench. This will enable us to have larger extensions of the spring.

* Counter Balance
Counter Balance
A clamp or a counter balance, such as a heavy book in this case, is preferable to use in order to provide for the balancing of the equipment since it prevents the whole set-up from falling over as masses gradually increase.


* Right after we formed our diagram following the instructions above, we have added an additional mass hanger of 100 g to the equipment. This will later be our 1st trial. Then at each trial we added additional 100g masses, one at a time, until we reached our 8th trial. It is recommended that we do not exceed the 700 g limit in order not to permanently stretch the spring. We recorded our values for extension of the...
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