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Sarah Jenks
Assignment 2

In my industry we have the ability of being our own bosses. This means if you are a booth renter you run your own business or clientele, you have to do your own budgeting, by your own product. With that being said this industry includes cosmetics, beauty supplies, perfumes, personal grooming and anything else a lady needs to look and feel pretty in their own eyes. The following information is just a few tid bits about the industry and how it works with the recession. www.ehow.com

“The beauty industry includes cosmetics, beauty supplies. But products are also part of the industry that markets to women about being beautiful. The diet section of the beauty industry alone in u.s pulls in an estimated $40-$100 billion annually, according to the media awareness network. Overall the industry benefits economically from women feeling less than whole so they will purchase the products to become better.”

With just this small bit of information I have given you can see how this industry will never die. Most women depend on their looks and their image of how others look at them. With today’s world most females still get their nails, hair, and spa time in, even if it does cause them to be broke. As the business owners of salons and barber shops they do end up paying for it. How you ask due to a lot of job cut backs and hours being cut at job all of clients do still come in but they come in for a cheaper price like during specials week and the holidays. Since most females tend to be the ones to do most of the household finances they will always fit it in the family budget why? Because, it’s their down time away from being a mom, worker, wife etc… so no matter what happens in the world or how it may or may not change women will always dish out the money they need to get friend died and laid to the side.
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