Honors Economics Economic Goals

Topics: Economics, Economic system, Unemployment Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 24, 2015
Dear President Obama,
Have you considered ranking the economic goals of the United States? Well how about we take them into consideration and discuss them. I am going to summarize some of the economics problems and illnesses that we are having and try to relate to our economic goals. Some of the problem solutions can be taken into actions in some way. The first thing we need to do is rank the economics goals. So in my opinion I would rank the economic with economic growth being the most important, then economic efficiency, next economic stability, but the least important would have to be economic equity. Economic growth would be the most important economic goal because it the economy doesn’t grow then we would continue to struggle. Without growth we would be in a broken economy were the only people making good money are major companies which is not good for the economy one bit. If the economy would start to grow then more businesses would open creating more jobs which leads to people spending money. The next economic goal that is important would be economic efficiency. This important because if we don’t use all the resources efficiently than they would be wasted and would be gone. If we are efficient then we can provide more for the economy causing it to grow. Something we can do to become efficient with our natural resources is to find other replacements for then. For example we could switch to florescent light bulbs to save energy. The third economic goal would have to be economic stability. It is good if we can increase the economy but that would be useless if we can’t maintain it. If we can create inflation and maintain it then there is a possibility that more businesses open causing the economy to increase. The only thing we do not want to happen would be a deflation, if a deflation were to happen then the economy would decrease even more then it is now which would be very bad. If that were to happen would could possibly fall into a...
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