Honorification in Japan

Topics: College, Japanese honorifics, Sibling Pages: 4 (805 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Anime-to English IV
For those of you who are shooting for "genuine" Anime-style roleplaying but may not be familiar with a great deal of Anime, here are some Japanese honorifics, familiarity terms and school speak comonly used in Anime.

-chan|   cute; baby talk.  Children who grow up together may keep using the -chan honorific into adulthood.For close friends and relatives, especially female ones. | -kun| familer title after name of colleague or student, usually male. Used for male friends and relatives. It can be used for women as well, but typically is not.| -san: | Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss.; The suffix denoting that the person being spoken to is of equal or nearly equal social status.  It is not used for people you know well.| -sama| [formal] Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss.  Infromal use before m b p is sam- or san-.; Very high respect.  Not normally used with other people's names, but it can be. Usually used with a title.| sempai| one's senior (colleague, fellow student).; Upperclassman, or more generally somebody in the same social class but superior to you (ex, 'Kunou-sempai')| kohai| one's junior (colleague, fellow student); Underclassman, or more generally somebody in the same social class but  inferior to you.  Unlike sempai, kohai is very seldom used as an honorific - generally 'chan' or 'kun' is substituted.| -sensei| Theacher.|

kojin| an individual.|
kojin-teki (na)| individual, personal.|
onna-| woman, female.|

English to Japanese (less formal)|
Grandfather| Sofu (mine grandfather) or Ojiisan (general term for oldmen)| Grandmather| Sobo (mine-) or Obaasan (general term for oldwomen)| Uncle| Oji (mine-) or Ojisan (genaral term for middle-aged man)| Aunt| Oba (mine-) or Obasan (genaral term for middle-aged woman)| Big Brother| Ani (mine-), Oniisan, Oniisama, Oniichan, Niisan, Niichan, Aniki, etc| Big Sister| Ane (mine-), Oneesan, Oneesama, Oneechan, Neesan, Neechan,...
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