Hong Kong Social Enterprises

Topics: Hong Kong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Politics of Hong Kong Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Social Enterprises, which we usually called SEs, does not have a universal definition. Generally, it is a business to achieve specific social objectives, such as creating job and training opportunities for the handicaps in our society. According to the survey conducted by Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited, there are only a few SEs made profit under the financial support of government, as they claimed that the government have not provide sufficient financial support to them. However, can we just determine it by discussing only one aspect? No, it is better to discuss the issue with different perspectives. In terms of promotion, opportunities and education, it is clearly that the HK government has already provided sufficient supports to Social Enterprises in HK.

To begin with, the government had put efforts on promoting SEs in HK. Since 2007, Home Affairs Department (HAD) has arranged 13 SEs to promote their products or services in the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo every year, in which the entrance fee is free of charge. Apart from that, the government has also organized other activities to promote SEs, such as the Hong Kong Food Carnival, Food Expo, Market Fair and the SE pavilion. All these activities provided platforms for SEs to demonstrate their goods and services, which can raise the awareness of SEs among citizens. Apparently those activities provided by government are enough since the government not only hold those activities once a year but also seek other means to provide more new activities to promote SEs, such as SE Bazaar, which also acts as a platform for more than 60 SEs to promote their products and services. Moreover, the government’s department has cooperated with some non-government organizations (NGOs) to promote SEs. HAD has also cooperated with Social Enterprise Summit in order to promote SEs in Hong Kong. Beside of organizing those activities, the government also provided printed materials to promote SEs. For...
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