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Accessible transport services - A case study in Hong Kong
Edith Mok Milly Chan Ezra Lau Norman Ngan Anthony Wong

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Mok, E., Chan, M., Lau, E., Ngan, N., & Wong, A. (2010). Accessible transport services - A case study in Hong Kong. Paper delivered at The 12th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED), held in Hong Kong on 2-4 June, 2010.

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Dr. Mok, Edith The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Hong Kong. emok@hkstar.com Chan, Milly, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Hong Kong. milly.chan@rehabsociety.org.hk Lau, Ezra, Volunteer, Hong Kong. ezralau@hotmail.com Ngan, Norman, Volunteer, Hong Kong. norman_ngan@yahoo.com Wong, Anthony, Braincare Self-Help Group, Hong Kong, China. anthonywwh@yahoo.com.hk


Accessible Transport Service has been in the public agenda in Hong Kong for the last few decades. Work has been done by the Government and service operators and much progress has been made. So far, there are very few evaluations with the different service operators from the private and public sectors. residents. Furthermore, the need is increasing with the aging population and the advocacy of disabled

This case study is to gather information about the Government’s policy and execution, the NGO’s responses and support, and the service operator’s view and action towards accessible transport services. The scope covers:


Government Departments: (a) Commissioner of Rehabilitation, Labor and Welfare Bureau; (b) Ferry and Paratransit Division of Transport Department; (c) Social Welfare Department.


Service Operators: (a) Kowloon Motor Bus (1933) Ltd (Public Transport Operator); (b) Auxiliary Medical Services (Government); (c) Christian Family Service Center (NGO); (d) The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (NGO).


An Opinion Survey was arranged in 16 March – 30 March 2010.

The questionnaire includes the

perception of satisfaction level, improvements in the last 10 years, and expectations for the next 10 years from Service Operators for local land accessible transport service, inclusive of: (a) public

transport service including Rail (Mass Transit Rail - MTR and the merged Kowloon Canton Rail Co. - KCRC) and Buses (franchised); and (b) specialized accessible transport services from NGO including Rehabus Service (RB), Easy-Access Transport Service (ETS), and Accessible Hire Car Service (AHC).

The result of the interviews with the Government Departments and Service Operators are summarized in the subsequent sections. The findings indicate that each of the Service Operators has a different role to play for accessible transport: (a) 90% of the population is taking up traveling by public transport service. There is an obvious need to jet up the facilities and infrastructure for People with Disabilities (PwD) and the elderly. Investment is in place to carry forward with continuous improvements. (b) Specialized accessible service is available through [i] Rehabus Service – subvented bus service to provide door-to-door and designated destinations of the persons with disabilities (PwD). Rehabus service has been in operation for 32 years. [ii] Ease-Access Transport Service – taking elderly patients from their homes to public hospitals and clinics as referred to by Hospital Authority hospitals and clinics. This service has...

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