Hong Kong History

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The Decolonization of Hong Kong
-Under Deng Xiaoping’s Leadership
In the July of the year 1997 , Hong Kong has officially been reunified to People Republic China from Great Britain’s colonization. Despite the problems around Independence of Hong Kong in recent days , the requisition of Hong Kong from British power was a rhetorical event in the Hong Kong’s history. During the twenty centuries and under leadership of Deng Xiaoping , China had successfully transformed themselves from a weak and powerless country into a great empire of the east , and that's exactly what made Deng Xiaoping had the guts to retrieve many Chinese sovereignty back from the colonization and united the China as one country. In Deng Xiaoping’s career he has fully revolutionized People of republic China , under his methodology of “Emancipating the minds, seeking truth from the facts and walking forward with solidarity” , he had broken the chain of Chinese corrupted leaders and released people from blinded superstation. He modified the concept of Karl Marx to provide people with more democracy and equality , he emphasised the value of value of education system and constitutionality , he had been recognized to be the “person of a thousand years” from many Chinese literatures and political writings .6 Therefore I am really admired the remarkable changes that Deng Xiaoping had bought into China and Hong Kong , with my researches I believe Deng Xiaoping is a revolutionary leader and under his management he benefited the citizen of Hong Kong greatly through : Economic reform policy and the principal of One country two systems. Principal of One country two system

“One China, two system” had always been considered as a brilliant political strategy of recovering the city of Hong Kong , Taiwan and Macao , It accommodates the opinion of both sides of China, and set the pivot point exactly in the middle so that it won’t provoke any disturbance during acquisition of the sovereignty. On one side it emphasises China nationality as a whole , and disregard any separation of sovereignty ; on the another hand , it allows Hong Kong government to have a high autonomy without any interference their jurisdiction7. The principal of one China two system was brought up During the Chinese – Britain conference in 1982 , and it was supported by Deng Xiaoping throughout the negotiation, and with his personal words “Our Communist government has our Chinese characteristics , and during this characteristic, it includes political treatments of Hong Kong..We should always seek truth from facts..”7. China was the first country ever tried to manage one country with several political administration, and just as Deng said , this was part Chinese culture. Hong Kong has its unique characteristic that was differ from China , If China forced Hong Kong to take communist administration, Hong Kong certainly won't be able to have this powerful economy as today . Therefore, Deng had connected his strategy of “one country , two systems” based on facts and Chinese culture, and this is exactly the reason why Hong Kong’s transference of sovereignty went very prominently and smoothly. The details of how the Deng’s political decision benefited Hong Kong will be further discussed and explained through two specific examples. First of all , when Chairman Deng was deciding what should he do with Hong Kong’s sovereignty issue , he had thought the problem in the Hong Kong people’s perspective. He spoke to his secretary once “I have two choices with problem with Hong Kong , One with brutality and one is without”1, apparently there were people suggested him to use military force to get rid of the problem . Since under the three “unfair” 1 treaties Chinese signed with British , the British must return the sovereignty of New Territories back to People Republic of China in June 30th 1997. However , the New Territories consist 90% of Hong Kong’s usable land , once it’s...

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