Hong Kong Culture and Tourism

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Hong Kong

The religion in Hong Kong is very diverse and obvious. The main two religions in Hong Kong are Buddhism and Taoism. But in Hong Kong you can also find another religion which is Confucianism, which is where ancestors’ worships and ancient animist beliefs have also been integrated into the environment. Confucianism isn’t really based as a religion, because it it’s a philosophy as well as a religion.

The numbers of Buddhism’s and Taoist’s in Hong Kong are estimated to be around 650,000 to 700,000. This is due to there are many temples around in Hong Kong, and different Chinese Gods, therefore countless of people would visit these temples every day.

The most popular temple is Hong Kong is worth visiting for everyone because it is suitable for all ages, this is due to there are constant activities going on.

Visits to these temples are mainly because of wanting to ask for god’s blessing similar to people going to church to pray. These people may ask for specific issues like family health, success of a business, family’s prosperity and it can also be to win the lottery.

In Hong Kong there are also several other religions, but there aren’t as many as Buddhism and Taoists. There are variety of religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.

The religion in Hong Kong would attract lot of people who want to learn about the background of the religion in Hong Kong, therefore the self-actualisation needs people is attracted to come to Hong Kong to study the religious views and background there. Also self-actualisation is where you can solve problems and people believe that these Chinese gods can help them solve their problems. According to the Maslow’s Model Safety is also another point to be discussed for religion, because people go to these temples to pray for their health, family, property, job, and security.

The people that would be tempted to visit the temples showing the religion in Hong Kong, mostly are elderly, or parents especially women’s who aren’t employed would want to find out what’s happening to their lives and their families.

Therefore the internal factor would be, because the people are motivated to go to the temples and ask for the Chinese god’s blessing. The external factor is that because many people would go to temples, meaning it would get crowded and hard to get into the temples and may even cause illnesses, because during any illness like the SARS in Hong Kong, many people would want to ask the god to bless them and get well.


Hong Kong began as a small coastal island which was located at the south of china. At first Hong Kong was a production country, of fishing, salt production and trading ground. Slowly it became a military port and now a financial centre that enjoys the worlds 14th highest GDP.

Hong Kong has experienced many periods which includes, prehistoric era, Imperial China Era, Colonial Hong Kong Era, Japanese Occupation Era, Modern Hong Kong under the British rule and the stage that Hong Kong is in now, Modern Hong Kong under China rule.

In all those time periods of Hong Kong’s history, there was also dynasty’s, where each emperor would fight for the leader of the country. These are known as the Qin dynasty, Han dynasty, Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty and lastly the Qing dynasty

Prehistoric Era –

Archeologists have proved and tested that there was settlements already in Hong Kong like 300,000 years ago. The tools that these people had once used were found in 2 places in Hong Kong, stone tools were found by digging them up in Sai Kung and Wong Tei Tung. They predict that the stone tools in Sai Kung were tools for making the ground with. These archeologists also found that there were religious carvings on the outlying islands and coastal regions. The most ancient settlement to be seen in Hong Kong is Wong Tei Tung dating from the Old Stone Age.

Imperial China Era –

During the Qin Dynasty, China...
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