Hong Kong At Night Analysis

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Vibrant. Restless. Dynamic. Hong Kong at night is full of glittering lights, its streets and roads pulsing with traffic and people. The sight of the city’s skyscrapers at night was what it gave it its nickname ‘The Pearl of The Orient’. Whether you’re a night owl who starts yawning at 10 or a die-hard party animal who won’t stop till you drop, Hong Kong’s night scene has something to offer. Stock up on some coffee. You’re going to need it!

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#1 See The Lights Turn on at Victoria Peak

Who Needs Sleep? Here Are 10 Things To Do At Night In Hong Kong
The panoramic, glittering skyline with boats bobbing in the harbour

Victoria Peak is the best place to feel...

The entire ride takes approximately one hour, and it takes you through the heart of Hong Kong when it is at its most vibrant. The tour gives you the option of getting off at Ladies Market or Temple Street Night Market so you can explore. If not, the route ends back at the Avenue of Stars.

#3 Dazzle at the Symphony of Lights

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, narrations are in English

The Symphony of Lights is fifteen minutes of lights piercing the night sky above the Hong Kong skyline, making it look even more dazzling. Recognised by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”, Symphony of Lights is created by synchronising the lights of key buildings along the harbour. It includes decoration lights, laser lights, and digital fireworks that shoot out from 45 buildings along the harbour.

#4 Bet on a Horse at Happy Valley

Happy Valley Panorama
On race nights, as many as 40,000 people can flood the Happy Valley...

The tour winds its way through different heritage hotspots in Wan Chai, and the stories told are deeply entrenched in their historical contexts. You’ll leave with both goosebumps and a deeper knowledge of Hong Kong’s history. The tour also involves climbing steep steps and walking in dark places, so pregnant woman and people with back, neck, and heart problems are also not advised to join.

#8 Chill Out at Lan Kwai Fong

These hangover brunch spots in Hong Kong

will come in handyThis is Hong Kong’s legendary nightlife zone, with over 90 restaurants and bars. Lan Kwai Fong is popular with expatriates, and it’s the place to be if you’re looking to drink or dance in a club. It’s located a short walk away from Central MTR Station – you’ll know it once you see it. Once it starts getting late, the street is packed with people searching for a suitable bar, with promoters vying for attention.

#9 Get Artsy at the Fringe Club

Located a few blocks away from Central MTR...
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