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Exploring Political and Social Issues in Hong Kong

Guidelines for Self-exploratory study
(I) Overview

The self-exploratory study is designed to provide students with unique opportunities to have an in-depth examination of major political and socioeconomic issues facing Hong Kong today. The self-exploratory study will be divided into two components, including the Group Presentation and the Individual Written Report.

(II) Group Presentation

Due date: Week 12 & 13

Grade Weighting 40%

The whole class will be divided into presentation teams (each team comprising around 5 to 6 members). Each team will be required to conduct self-exploratory study on an assigned political or social issue in Hong Kong and to give an oral presentation in English on Week 12 & 13.

Each team will be required to give a 45-minute oral presentation on an assigned topic in English, followed by 15-minute question and answer session.

Each team should prepare a PowerPoint to summarize their arguments and analysis and should distribute sufficient copies of the handouts to both Course Instructor and fellow classmates.

(III) Individual Written report

Due date: 30 April 2014

Grade Weighting 30%


Following the oral presentation, students should submit individual written report on the assigned presentation topic. The paper should be not less than 2000 words in length and typed in one-and-a-half line spacing. It should be properly referenced according to established academic rules and plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Submit completed papers to the Department of Asian and Policy Studies office located on B2-1/F-21. Please print papers and do not submit via email. Make sure your essay has a cover page and please include the following information; your full name (underline your surname), a word count (excluding footnotes / endnotes /...
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