Honey Uses on Wound

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1. The company and the brand
2. The Medihoney™ products
3. How to use Medihoney™ wound products
4. Potential side effects
5. General questions
6. Medihoney™ products for use on unbroken skin
7. References
8. Product range
8.1 Medihoney™ Antibacterial Medical Honey™
8.2 Medihoney™ Antibacterial Wound Gel™
8.3 Medihoney™ Derma Cream
8.4 Medihoney™ Barrier Cream


Comvita NZ Limited
Wilson Road South
Private Bag 1
Te Puke 3153
0800 504 959

This document, or part of, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the prior permission of Comvita 1.0 The company and the brand

Tell me about Comvita®.
Comvita® is a natural products company based in New Zealand. As a company Comvita® aims to change perceptions of natural health by applying science and innovation. Their New Zealand origin and culture drives new thinking. The company is passionate about the quality and effectiveness of the products that they make. They believe that nature holds the key to a better quality of life, but still care for the future of people and nature. In this regard they apply integrity and sustainable principles in everything that they do. Comvita® is a global leader in medical honey and the world’s largest supplier of honey from Leptospermum sp.

Tell me about Comvita® Medihoney™
Medihoney™ is the brand name for Comvita®’s medical honey based product range. Each of the products contains ‘Medihoney™ antibacterial honey’. This is a standardised medical honey from predominantly Leptospermum species (Manuka is one of the Leptospermum species). The combination of honeys has been put together to maximise honey’s potential to heal. We know that Manuka (and other Leptospermum varieties) has exceptional antibacterial properties due to the UMF® activity; our ‘blend’ contains UMF™ Manuka honey and offers the very best of honey’s wound healing actions.

I thought Manuka honey was the best honey for wounds.
Manuka is one of the plants in the Leptospermum species identified to have exceptional antibacterial properties. It is the best known variety of the Leptospermum species and is the only one found in New Zealand (all the other Leptospermum varieties can be found in Australia and may number up to 80). Medihoney™ products contain a spectrum of Leptospermum honeys (including Manuka) to ensure that the end-products maximise honey’s potential to heal.

What has prompted the resurgence of honey products for wounds? Historically, honey has been used for healing purposes for over 2000 years and was also used to treat wounds in both World Wars. The discovery of antibiotics led to a decline in its use. With the increase in the numbers of emerging strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, honey products are once again gaining acceptance. By choosing the Medihoney™ brand you are using tried and tested, quality, standardised products manufactured under strict pharmaceutical grade control. Medihoney™ antibacterial honey has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the growth of even the most multi-resistant strains of bacteria1; there is no known bacterial resistance to its action.

What’s the difference between Medihoney™ products and other honey products available for application to wounds? 1) Raw product traceability and quality – Medihoney™ products only use honey supplied by formally accredited beekeepers that have to meet stringent quality control measures to ensure the honey supplied is as active and pure as possible. 2) Comvita® managed supply process – Comvita® has their own bee hives and has secure relationships with many beekeepers. In order to cope with predicted increased requirements for Medihoney™ products, they are replanting large areas of unprofitable land with Leptospermum species, in a project that will assist...
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