honesty is the best policy

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It is clear that the area of nanomedical applications and nanoparticulate pharmaceutical delivery advances will elaborate tremendously in the near future [19]. Nanogel-drug formulations will be farther assessed in application to other drug consignment paths, such as oral, aerosolic or transdermal administration. A undertaking submission for nanogel-encapsulated NTP is aerosolic pulmonary drug consignment. In this mode of management, the fastest and most direct pharmaceutical delivery can be achieved, particularly for the treatment of lung cancerous disease and pulmonary diseases such as influenza, which are expanding worldwide. `Aerosolic drug-loaded nanogel particles can be easily administered deep into the lungs at first signals of infection. This timely remedy will save the airway epithelium from rapid degradation and development of critical secondary infections. Specific aimed at nanogels will be evolved as shortly as novel receptors and ligands are found out in the disease/virus-affected tissues and body parts. On the other hand, powerful metal-chelating properties of nanogels can provide added modalities in post-synthetic modifications of the carriers for diagnostic and therapeutic reason. Subsequent study will reveal the genuine potential of nanogels and nanogel formulations with nucleoside analogs in accomplishing more convoluted aims associated with methodical preclinical studies.

Name of the Research Groups
Contact Details
Area of Research
Dr Todd R. Hoare Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
McMaster University

Department of Chemical Engineering
1280 Main Street West,
Hamilton, ON, L8S 4L7, CanadaOffice: JHE A409
email: hoaretr@mcmaster.ca
Investigating nanogels which change their dimensions, their affinity with other chemicals in their environment, or their optical properties upon controlled changes to the gel environment

Siegwart Research group,
The University of Texas...
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