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Honesty is the key to all relationships. If you’re honest then that makes a relationship even stronger (for the most part). Relationships are like cookies when one that you’re in is done, you just go on to another. Honesty is the foundation upon which a person builds any relationship with his loved ones such as family or friends. By being honest to his loved ones, he will make them feel that they are trustworthy and closed enough for him to totally expose his true self. Thus, they are more assured that he values them and their relationship. The sweetness in the relationship, therefore, is more likely to remain.

Being honest all of the time can also backfire on a person. There are situations when he inflicts a lot of pain and stress on somebody else by telling the truth. For example, a doctor may not decide to directly tell his patient that the patient suffers from cancer and can live for no longer than three more months. The doctor chooses to keep it a secret because knowing the truth may affect the patient's mental health severely. Sometimes a person will endanger his/her relationship with others even if he tells lies just for once. For example, a child tells his mother that he will go to the library to study. However, he ends up going to a friend's party and gets caught by his mother. It is understandable that after the incident, the mother will not trust her son as much as before and doubt what he says later In conclusion, by living honestly and freely, a person will find that his life is more enriched and meaningful. Honesty helps a person to strengthen his relationship, conquer problems and excel in life. However, a person can choose to not telling the truth in order to protect his loved ones.
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