honda yamaha war

Topics: Recycling, Thought, Waste management Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: February 25, 2014
The main idea behind the garbage dreams film is to explore how the zaballeen live and how do they react to their misery situations.

What was the main idea of this reading, chapter or view?
The main idea behind the garbage dreams film is to explore the zaballeen's tough life and how they react in response to this miserable life. I think the author wanted to convey how the human spirit counters these obstacles that prevent them from having a good comfortable life. How come people like the zaballeen can be satisfied with their life and accept their fates. Moreover, they are trying to get better as they try to upgrade their work and adapt new systems that would assist them improving their lives. One of the most convincing supports behind this message is that the zaballeen actually are capable of recycling 80% of the garbage they collect, while the international trash companies existing in Egypt recycle only 20% of the garbage. Another thing is that two of the three garbage boys traveled abroad to see and learn from other new systems that the developed countries abide by dealing with the issue of the garbage, and when they returned they successfully adopted some rules & regulations of that system.

I think that what the zaballeen are doing is amazing in terms of saving our country from pollution, that has many adverse effects on us as individuals and as a community, and in terms of their ambition as they attempt to extract themselves from poverty to have a better life and to make their duties that has a great impact on our society to develop. The garbage dreams film made me discover many things I have never thought of or maybe have forgotten about as I live in a satisfied resilient community. I acknowledge that there are millions of people having a very miserable life, but I never imagined how a human being could live in a village where garbage exists everywhere and the irresistible smell that people experience all day long. Also there is no any means of...
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