Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Topics: Management, Quality control, Organizational structure Pages: 13 (3447 words) Published: May 25, 2012

Honda Motor Co. Ltd

Table of Content Pages Introduction3
Business demographics and brief history3
Nature of the business3
Products, services and target markets3
Organizational Goals4
Strategic goals4
Tactical goals 4
Operational goals4
Organization culture4
Intrinsic aspect4
Extrinsic aspect5
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility5
Integrated Social Contrct5
Socio-economic view5
Problem-solving and Decision-making6
Problem identify6
Performance deficiency problem6
Decision-making program6
Figure 1: Market Quality enhancement system in Honda Motor Co., Ltd7 Control function7
Control system7
The feedforward control 7
THe concurrent control8
The feedback control8
Figure 2: Quality management education for employees in Honda Motor Co., Ltd8 Strategy and Structure9
Organizational Strucutre9
Figure 3: Organizational Structure of Honda Motor Co., Ltd9 Type of departmentalization9
Process Theory10
Figure 4: Coporate Governance of Honda Motor Co., Ltd11 Conclusion11
Reference List12

In all business activities of management is for people to come together to achieve the desired goals; can use resources efficiently and effectively. Management response for the four principal management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling. Management study is a necessary important for business and organization in nowadays. It’s a very powerful technical and managerial knowledge bases that can approve how its’ working performance is affecting directly.

In this report, I will analysis the social responsibility within the management theories in the case of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The analysis includes business demographics and brief history, organizational goals, cultures and ethics, problem solving and decision-making, control function, strategy and structure, motivation, and stakeholders. Business demographics and brief history describes the nature of the business and products, services and target markets. Organizational goals include strategy, tactical, and operation goals within an organization. Cultures are divided into two aspects which are intrinsic and extrinsic, and ethics are focusing on the integrated social contract and socio-economic view. Problem solving is identifying the problem which is a performance deficiency arises in Honda, and decision-making is the method that Honda used to solve the problem. Control functions include the feedforward, concurrent, and feedback control in the employee control system in Honda. Strategy and structure in Honda is a matrix structure with geographic and functional structure. Motivation in Honda is the process theory which has four aspects that are the goals, reinforcement, expectancy, and equity. Stakeholders are the Corporate Governance and the dealers in Honda.

Business demographics and brief history
Nature of the business
Honda Motors (Honda) is one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in Japan and become a global network of 382 subsidiaries in the world which divide into regional including China, Asia and Oceania, Europe, the middle & Near East and Africa, Latin America, North America and Head Quarter Japan (Honda Motor Co., 2011). It is founded by Soichiro Honda in September 24, 1948 (Honda Motor Co., 2011). It was capitalized at 1 million and 34 employees (Honda Motor Co., 2011). At the same time the company launched the first product, called “Dream” with Honda corporate slogan is “The Power of the Dream” (Honda Motor Co., 2011). Mr. Socichiro Honda persevere his faith and dream brought Honda Motor to reach world class organization in automotive industry. Nowadays it become strong global automotive brand...
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