Honda Hybrid

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Honda Insight Pages: 5 (1728 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Honda was so inspired by how magically easy mother nature does it that a range of Honda Hybrid cars were created to make it just as effortlessly to give back to nature. Customer value and satisfaction of this car is because Honda Hybrid family of cars designed to be spacious, exciting and versatile. It is used Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) . This is engineered to create natural balance between fun driving and eco-friendliness with the highly acclaimed petrol engine coupled with the IMA system (Honda Integrated Motor Assistant). Used this system will save cost because maintain a regular petrol vehicle. It doesn’t require power plug because it recharge itself through Regenerative Braking. IMA have five years warranty for IMA battery. Another value of this car is it’s powered by I-Vitec engine. The most important is all Honda Hybrid can be serviced at 60 strategically located Authorized Centre Nationwide. Under product it shows that they have preferred three types of car for Honda Hybrid which are Jazz Hybrid 1.3L, Insight Hybrid 1.3L, CR-Z Hybrid 1.5L. This product is classified under consumer product and subs under shopping product because it has branded, own quality, style and high price. So it is not necessary to consumer. There have three colour offered which are blue, red and green. We continue with pricing strategy for this car. Pricing strategy that Honda used is geographical pricing because it setting the price for customer located in different parts of the country or world. In Malaysia it’s started the price with RM94, 800.00 for Jazz Hybrid, RM99, 800.00 for Insight Hybrid and RM115, 013.00 for CR-Z Hybrid. Honda Hybrid used retailer based system for distribution. The car comes from wholesaler distribution then goes to retailer and finally meets the customer. This is classified under non-stored product. One examples of retailer is at Malacca which is Honda Malysia.Sdn.Bhd in at area Hicom Industrial Park Pagoh. Promotion or Integrated Marketing Communication used by Honda is advertising their products through newspaper, television and internet. Other than that they also do promotion through public relations which mean participate community in the most innovative program which is “Corporate America”. They also do sponsorship events such as Honda Battle of the bands at Atlanta and Malaysian GP. Honda also do sales promotion by doing displays event and demonstration at the first stage to introduce this car. Examples at Queensbay Mall, Penang on 12-15 April 2012. For targeting strategy, because of Honda under differentiated marketing so its target just focus for those who loves differentiated product, that have own styles and elegance and also have a high income. They do segmenting in two types which are psychographic segmenting and behavioral segmenting. Psychographics is for those who have a high class life style and behavioral is focused on people who take important of quality of product. Last but not least I will explain on positioning of Honda. As we know Honda is already well known establish and have a good position in market. Honda choose name of Hybrid because its meaning to natural and heterogeneous sources that is combination of internal combustion engine with electric motors powered by battery. Logos “H” is used because its really easy to remember Honda. Tagline used by Honda is “The power of dreams” to show how best feeling used Honda. But for Honda Hybrid they also have specific tagline which is “Naturally Driven”. Honda Hybrid is one of the best cars in the world. EUCERIN (SKINCARE PRODUCT)

Eucerin is one of the medical revolutions for skincare by Dr. Lifschutz in era 1900.Its successful branded recommends from doctor. One of the customer value and satisfaction of this product is its realy useful for the treatment of skin diseases in the surgery. It is guaranteed from clinical because doctors quite enthusiastic about the product efficiency. This product was applied...
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