Honda Case

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1. Does adapting the promotion of its motors vehicles to suit each country’s culture make sense for Honda? No, adapting the promotion of Honda’s motor vehicle to suit every culture does not make sense. The adaption of different promotions for each country will be useful for improving the sales of the motor vehicles of Honda. The company spend just a little time and money in the promotion which is not good and effective. Every country is different and has a specific culture, different values and believes. All consumers have various tastes and preferences of promotion method. If promotion are specially designed for one county’s consumers, not only the consumers will be more willing to buy the products but also the image of Honda will be improved. Thus, Honda should responding to that culture difference and promote the vehicle in a convenient matching and adequate way for every country and its culture.

2. It is wise for Hondas to market its products the same way in every country? It is not a good idea for Honda to adopt uniform marketing practices in all countries in Europe. There are some worlds brands that are marketed the same way through the worlds like some examples as Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s. Some people argue that we have a total globalization of markets and the world is becoming a small place. So people all over the world have very similar needs. Personally, I do not agree on that because a company should include the cultural differences into the promotion. It is not only changing the name, package or the color of a product – a company should get a real deep understanding of the different preferences of their customers. So it is not wise for Honda to promote the product in a same way. Some countries have a law-context culture, others has a high-context ones. It differs from every country and culture to another one. To do successful advertising and promotion you need to know who your customer is and what the specific culture of these persons is. You...
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