Homosexuality in the Church

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gay Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: June 11, 2001
Homosexuality in the Church
With homosexuality being more visible and more accepted in our modern, liberal society, the church, which has always been founded on very old and very conservative views, must now struggle to decide where homosexual Christians fit into the church. Several questions have been raised surrounding this issue, such as the argument of right versus wrong, and the debate on how people "become" gay.

Hayes and Furnish, in the first section of the book Homosexuality in the Church, express their opposing views on whether or not the Bible clearly answers the question of right or wrong. In examining various biblical passages in order to prove their conflicting points of right or wrong, they both come to one similar conclusion: one cannot simply use passages in the Bible to prove without a shadow of a doubt that homosexuality is wrong, nor to prove it should be an accepted part of the Christian lifestyle. Hayes, a New Testament scholar, bases his discussions from a conversation he held with his dying homosexual friend. Because of this, his views are much more readable, and are also more substantial due to the context of his views. Hayes and his friend both feel that the writings of the gay apologists "did justice neither to the biblical text, nor the depressing reality of the gay subculture (4)."

Furnish throughout his essay looks at " how the given passages functioned in its original, multidimensional context (18)." According to Furnish, one can rarely base specific moral views on direct quotes from the bible, especially moral issues from modern society. In this case, he examines the idea that no concepts nor terms existed for heterosexuality, homosexuality nor bisexuality. He also points out that one must be wary of translations, and argues the entire context of a word is just as important as its modern translation.

The first biblical passage they discuss, is The Men of Sodom found in Genesis verse nineteen. Hayes believes "the gang-rape...
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