Homosexuality and Oppression in Greek Orthodox

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: November 10, 2008
In life there are many speculations as to who we want to be; and who we are. There are also perhaps thousands of influences to become something that you’re not for example; society, culture, and fears in acceptance amongst millions of other reasons. In the long run many people as I once did try to imitate something they’re not by lying to themselves, and try to be accepted by being like everyone else or what everyone else expects from them. Sexuality is something that is commonly accepted as a man and a woman and is believed should never be tampered with and has been since mankind has come into being, but when this is tampered with society and culture take drastic measures to expel it.

Culture does not define ourselves, but may define our mannerisms. Culture although is the main reason why people lie about themselves, and strive to be something there not. When homosexuals decided to act upon their feelings, it spells trouble from society, for their culture, and change was feared and not accepted under any circumstances. Religious fanatics have tried to excommunicate these “sinners” out of the church, society, or cast out their demons that are said to possess them. As a Greek Orthodox, homosexuality is banned from our beliefs and said to be wrong. Those who admitted it, as myself, were said to be possessed, and must do forty kneels a day and pray for countless hours to rid our bodies of this unholy seed we seem to have caught, like a disease.

Family values vary, their opinion varies, and their values are different. Greeks are from a country in Europe, therefore think like most Europeans, and stick together in one community so most of their beliefs are homogenous. My family is all Greek; there has been no change in our nationality since we were born, they were so afraid of diffusion and change. So when homosexuality was introduced to them by me, they were scared and thought of it as a lie and a disease. I was sent to a hypnotherapist and a priest...

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