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The first topic discussed was about the Church's view on homosexuality. Pro:
The first argument for why homosexuality should be accepted in the Catholic Church is that we are taught that God put us on Earth to be in relationship. So who is to say that two guys should not be allowed in a relationship? Also Jesus taught us that we should emphasize the importance of love and compassion. Therefore, if two guys love each other or are compassionate towards each other, or even if they aren't in a relationship but still show love and compassion towards others, they are fulfilling Jesus' teachings therefore they are going along with the Church's teachings. Another argument for pro is that the Bible teaches us to love and to respect everyone. If homosexuals are not loved and respected the same as a man and a woman in a relationship, then those disrespecting the homosexuals are the true sinners. As a result, if the homosexuals are showing love and respect, then they are the ones carrying out the Bible's teachings. A similar aspect of the Bible is the catechism that we are being taught during mass and during other times, such as school religion classes. We are taught that everyone is equal in God's eye so why should there be an exception of homosexuals? These homosexuals should be treated the same way as any normal straight person in the Catholic Church. The final argument for the pro side is that homosexuality is a decision that we make. We were given free choice, so with this free choice we can choose whether to be homosexual or not. Even if someone does choose to be homosexual, they can still show love and compassion, fulfilling Jesus' teachings, and also love and respect and everyone, which is what the Bible tells us to do. These homosexuals can live decent lives and despite the choice they made to like the same sex. Con:

There are many instances in the Bible where people are considered sinners or condemned for being homosexual. Some parts of the Old Testament teaches us that homosexuality is unnatural and wrong. Although everything in the bible cannot be taken literally but the principle is still there that homosexuality is unnatural.

God created man and woman to be in relationships and procreate. In Genesis 1:28 "…and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." Homosexuality goes against the Natural Law of Reasoning because God created man and woman. The natural process of humankind is for a man and a woman to create offspring. This is a necessity for human kind to keep the human race going. This all revolves the natural laws of humans. Homosexuality goes against the natural law of reasoning because two men who are in a relationship cannot procreate.

The Church obviously supports people's love for each other. Jesus' did teach us the importance of love and compassion. The Church finds nothing wrong with men loving other men and feelings and love between the same sexes. The thing that the Church does not support is any of the sexual acts that gay men take apart in. The Church does not support any type of pre marital sex. There are only a few amounts of states where gays can legally get married. Even if a gay couple does get married, they have to practice celibacy to be accepted by the church. The large majority of gays take part in the act of sodomy. Sodomy is unnatural and is only a sexual act of pleasure. It is not accepted by the church because it is impossible to procreate from this act. Topic:

What causes someone to be homosexual? Is it in DNA? Is it a choice? Pro:
Many psychologists believe that homosexuality is cause by a psychological disorder. Many of these psychologists also have researched that,

"…the genes implicated in homosexuality are those related to brain development. They used LeVay's findings to propose that the gene specifically related to brain development of the hypothalamus is the gene responsible for...

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