Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: June 18, 2013
I come from a country where homosexuality is such a taboo subject that it is not even covered much on the media. A news channel that discusses the issue is actually considered quite ‘brave’. Previously, I haven’t really gotten the chance to think about homosexuality and my viewpoint on it. I have always studied in a co-ed school, have had crushes on fellow guy classmates and have always had friends who were just like me. The thought of getting attracted to a girl or knowing any other female friend who did, was just disgusting, gross and unacceptable to me. My closest friends have been homophobic, so much that even when other girls would get physically close with each other as a joke, it would make them cringe and as a result I always kept a distance from them as well. I had my personal space, and any girl exploiting it would ‘freak’ me out. The subject of homosexuality was never even discussed at home with family. “Omg, you’re so gay” was the only phrase friends would use to mock a girly behavior of a guy friend, eventually forcing the male friend to stop behaving a particular way. The action would never be repeated again to avoid any further humiliation. The phrase itself was enough of an insult. Coming to Malaysia, I saw a lot of homosexuals around me. It disgusted me in the beginning but then a revelation came upon me. Normal, nice, fun and good friends of mine declared their mixed sexuality. Two of my closest female friends revealed that they were into each other and wanted to be together and had always been homosexual. It surprisingly did not freak me out because it made me realize that hey, no matter what their sex is and who they are attracted to (which is part of their personal life and I have no right to judge) they are normal individuals. They still think like me, talk like me and they’re as human as an individual can be. After conducting this research and being around homosexuals, I feel like I have lost my viewpoint...
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