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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
(University of the City of Manila)
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Homosexuality is word often or simply defined as the attraction to one’s the same sex; like male to male and female to female. Even before homosexuality does exist. In fact theologically speaking, it has been tackled also in the Bible. Particularly in the book of Samuel (I Samuel 20:17) in which Jonathan base from the verse “Jonathan made David promise to love him, for Jonathan love David as much as he loved himself.”

Through the years we were led to believe that being a gay (other term for male homosexuality) is a mortal sin towards the will of God. But science tells that it is just a matter of environment affection, which leads to developed through the years and also it is clearly stated that being a homosexual is also a matter of “metal aberration”, which means homosexual particularly had a problem regarding their brains.

One fact that proves that it occurs before, is that apes has been doing mutual masturbatory activities that seems to be homosexuals in humans. Even today it is also happening and most of it are humans.

After we chose our topic about homosexuality, we design a special questionnaire that was different from the other studies conducted. For a particular we had these questions and ocular inspections through the studies had been done.

Example of the Questions:
1. What can you say about the new generation?

2. What can you say about the new administration?

Well do you think this is out of the study? But this was as from the respondent it is merely because to help us or we should know if the homosexuals are open to what is happening within the society and within their environment. Also, we did ocular inspections such as is the respondent tidy or untidy and also we take notice if the respondent is well disciplined.

The same, we did inspections if the respondent have his/her personal hygiene.

Some people are arouse erotically by members of their own sex, and for many of them, arousal culminates in some form of sexual interaction. Strong affectional feelings often accompany to sexual aspect of such homosexual relationship are maintained for years.

This Chapter will give the background of this research paper, the statement of the problem, the hypothesis, the definition of terms, scope of limitation of the study and the significance of the study.

Background of the Study
The oldest known homosexual relationship recorded in history ironically found in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. In Samuel 20:17, once again Jonathan made David promises to love him. For Jonathan loved David as much as he loved himself.

This verse clearly tells us of the deep affection between David and Jonathan.

Through the years we were led to believe that being gay, the modern term for homosexual, is considered to be sinful, and cursed, and immoral. Science taught us that it is a form remains monogamous.

Hooker’s study was particularly interest in the relation between the kind of sexual activity they engaged in and their feelings about their own masculinity and femininity which is much related with this research paper. A common misconception about homosexuals is that they can be divided into these who play an active, masculine role as husband and those who are passive effeminate wives. In Hooker’s study, majority thought of themselves has being completely masculine, but their activities were not limited to any fixed sexual role; they varied their activity with the same partner and with different partners. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to their own sex.

Definition of Terms
Bisexual. It is possessing characters typical of both sex1.

Closet Queen. It is defined as a person who possesses dual personality. To the heterosexual world, he is a man with a wife and kids, leading a normal life, with a steady job to support his family. But...
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