Homosexual Relationships in the Mass Media

Topics: Homosexuality, Alfred Kinsey, Gender Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: July 18, 2006
Over the last few years homosexual relationships have been presented more often in Mass Media. Often people are polled as to what these homosexual portrayals do to affect the change of the homosexual community to everyone, though especially heterosexuals. Social scientists have long studied sexual relationships searching for keys to happiness and their effects on longevity. For some time the Kinsey institute has been gathering data regarding sexual relationships over all spectrum. This information has become especially helpful when separating sex versus gender roles in relationships. Studying homosexual relationships helps social scientists be able to better break down the sexes and allows us to determine how males and females, separate from the opposite sex, think and act. This same study also makes it easier for social scientists to figure what causes the differences in heterosexual interaction. With all this information that social scientists are able to garner from homosexual relationships, and the interest in what heterosexuals think about viewing them, it stands to reason that heterosexuals are affected by watching the portrayals of homosexual relationships. From that statement is posed the question: What are the changes that homosexual relationship portrayals on television create in heterosexual relationships? Because of research that has already happened we can state with confidence that spending time together has a correlation with increasing relational satisfaction scores.

H1: Heterosexuals that watch homosexual portrayals on television will increase their relational satisfaction.

Couples Watching Television: Gender, Power, and the Remote Control Alexis J. Walker
Journal of Marriage and the Family, Vol. 58, No. 4. (Nov., 1996), pp. 813-823.

Articles to summarize key points in regards to this research: Separate or Equal?: Gay Viewers Respond to Same-Sex and Gay/Straight Relationships on TV. By: Freymiller, Lyn...
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