Homosexual Culture in America and China

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Homosexuality is considered as sub-culture in modem society. However, nowadays, it is freely discussed and widely analyzed among the world. The sharply increasing amount of homosexuals and the heated argument raised by people has drawn more and more eyes. This paper is centered on homosexual culture especially in America and China.

General concepts on homosexual
Homosexual used to be "the abominable crime not to be mentioned." in America. After the word “gay” emerged for years, a vast majority of American start to change their attitude. Now they retain a deep loathing toward homosexuals, but there is a growing mixture of tolerance, empathy or apathy. While the situation in China is almost the same. Subjected to conservative traditional concept, homosexual is unacceptable for most Chinese at the beginning. With a growth in people's acceptance of new things, Chinese start to reconsider it as American do.

However, due to the two different cultural backgrounds and atmosphere, there remain some detailed differences in tolerance or other phenomena.

A current survey conducted by a famous Chinese Sexologist LI Yinhe indicates that the data of the Chinese public’s acceptance of homosexual has surpassed the date of America, Europe and Hong Kong which we think to be more tolerant. In the question “would your choice of job be affected by homosexual?” 91% of Chinese answered “no”, while the data in American is 86%. But, why American show less tolerance and understanding towards homosexuals? It is necessary to explain that America is a country deeply rooted in the religion of Christianity. Mentioned in the Bible, the sacred marriage is created by God, and it must be a combination of a man and a woman. Therefore, it is easy to explain why homosexual in America has relatively lower approval. General Americans who are not in extreme discrimination against homosexual may not abuse or curse them to their faces, but privately there is still a sense of exclusion. This is...
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