Homo Sapiens Bellicosus

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Need, Want Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Homo sapiens Bellicosus
1. Reduction of Aggression
Germs of aggression are imbued in the human nature itself the way we know it. As an individual we should not to much aggressive to someone.We should know how to control our temper.Based on my understanding aggression is an assualt and assault is a kind of physical and verbal attack. If we don’t know how to control it, How can we find peace? We can’t, cause I believed that peace starts on us.We can find peace first deep within us. No one can give us peace but only our selves. 1. Elimination of General Tension

Education for peace will become a very important tool in creating a social atmosphere. Yes,We need an education regarding peace. We can’t find peace by simply closing our mouth.We can’t find peace by ignoring unwanted things.We should be aware of what should be do if we’re curious over something to have a peace right within ourselves but we should know how and when to use it. 1. Satisfaction of Elementary Needs

The basic human needs must be fully safeguarded.
As what I understand from the word satisfaction means satisfy. We should satisfy ourselves first on our basic needs like food, shelter,clothing and etc.Let’s separate the wants from needs. As I understand wants is a curiousity over something for example gadgets.We can live without gadgets but we can’t live without foods in short it’s satisfy ourselves first on what we need and not on what you wants. 1. Freedom of movement

Human beings like to roam about.
We all have the freedom.Freedom to move,to decide and also to speak. But as human we should know when,where and how we used it.If we will just use it cause were free to do everything and we know that we’re doing it in a wrong way it may harm us or will lead us to danger. 1. Tolerance of Frustration

Even if a peaceful society we’re to emerge, frustration of some kind will remain. Yes frustration of some kind will remain even if your environment is already a peaceful one, cause there will be a...
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