Homicide Detective Essay

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Jacquel Thompson
Detective Thompson
GUST 1270
21 November 2011

                                                      Homicide Detective  

   I plan to become a homicide Detective.  A detective is a investigator, either a member of a police agency or a private person. In order to become a homicide detective I must attain a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

There are state required exams required in order to become a homicide detective.  I will need to take a lot of classes in higher  level criminal justice; such classes will cover important information such as law, forensics, psychology, and other courses that will help me become a successful homicide detective.

The typical starting salary for a homicide detective varies. Salaries range from Median annual salary: $50020 – $90750 depending upon what level i’m started at and the level of rank at the agency.

A homicide detective can expect to work anywhere from 60- 100   hours per week.  Their cases and clients dictate their work hours, from early morning surveillance to late-night undercover work.

The positives of this career can be income if you live in a city with a high homicide rate, as this will result in massive overtime pay. You also get the prestige attached with saying you work for "Homicide". You are considered the crème of the crop of your department’s investigators, as it is generally believed that only the best go to Homicide. Also you have the fulfillment of knowing that your solving cases,  ensuring that justice is served, and easing the pain of the victims loved ones.

The negative is long work hours and the trauma of dealing every day with death. Attending autopsies, telling a family their teenage daughter was murdered, or that their son accidentally hung himself while engaged in an auto- erotic incident. In reality this not a pleasant job, most days, so "graveyard humor" and cynicism slowly invade you psych. Although there are a good number of jobs, they can be...

Cited: Bureau  of Law and Criminal Justice. Web, March 2010. Web. November 21, 2011
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