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Homework Should Be Done Away with.

By chinokk Feb 02, 2013 461 Words
Teachers are given a certain amount of time to teach their subject. If they are unable to teach it in the time given to them, they shouldn't be taking away our personal time because they aren't effective. Most students don't need homework to understand a concept, those that do might be assigned more to do but for most, it doesn't help. Homework has just become a way to acclimatize people to a working-market where a large number are required to take work home with themselves and do it unpaid. That is ll that it is. Those who want to learn about something, those who want to understand it, will be the same ones asking questions in classes and looking up the information themselves on their own time. It will not matter if homework is assigned or not, if there is passion for a subject the student will want to learn. All homework does is to make busy work and acclimatize students to working longer hours outside of where they are supposed to be learning or working. The average child spends 7 hours a day in school, 10 hours sleeping and another 4 hours doing life tasks such as eating, showing, traveling, dressing etc. That just leaves 3 hours per day to fit in homework, social interaction, rest and relaxation, organized sport, exersize, chores, playing, reading, arts and crafts etc. To have a child spend such a percentage of their day doing homework is ignoring the many other important life skills that kids need to develop. Some students don't have the time to do homework, and not doing it will affect their grade for the worse. Seriously. It is just inconsiderate to not take into account that some students don't have the time to do homework. And besides, we spend 7 hours a day, 5 times a week, 8 or so months a year in school. If your students can't get all the work done in that time, then you're giving them too much to do. A person can only absorb so much information in a certain amount of time. In my opinion, a clshould consist of this. A teacher gives a lecture on the material. Students can take notes if it would benefit them, but they shouldn't be forced to. Then the teacher gives them a worksheet to practice with. The students shouldn't be forced to take it home to work on, but if they want, they can. And they can also study if they should choose. Then at the beginning of next class, they turn the worksheet in, then take a quiz on the material, and then the cycle begins again. And on some days there are tests. But I don't believe students should have to do homework.

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