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Topics: Education, High school, Dropout Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 2, 2013
How much homework is to much? Would two to three hours a night be a ridiculous amount? Well a study in 2010 by Duke University surveyed 4,000 high school students, and the average time spend on homework, has doubled more than 50% since 1981 to 110 mins a night.

On any given night I can easily receive 30 minutes of homework per class, for just my main course classes (english, math, science, and history). That not including my two electives classes: Spanish II and Art Honors. So when we do the math, that is 2 hours a night! That could be better utilized, like participating in extracurricular activities, such as sports, volunteering, or having a job. For student athletes or teens that do have a job. It can be very difficult to complete their homework. Because, they usually don’t even get home till 6:30-7:00 o’clock pm. Plus, dinner and chores that could easily be 8:30 o’clock pm. Before they even start putting pencil to paper. Often all that homework, can create a stressful environment. Discouraging students from ever attempting the homework. Then, this begins a snowball effect, where low homework grade become low course grades. Lower course graders become “F’s”. Eventually leading to them dropping out and adding to the nation dropout rate of 33%. Simply because the amount homework they had was outrageous.

Meanwhile, there is student that do due the homework, and work incredibly hard to maintain straight “A’s”. Plus, juggle sports, chores, family, and friends. However, homework often forcing them to stay past 11:00 o’clock pm. So the next day, many of them can’t resist their body’s need for sleep and take a nap. This results in many of them falling behind in class. And having to repeat the cycle of staying up late, to finish homework, that they don’t even understand!

So, Schools should lower the amount of homework given to improve students grades. A study By The Center of Public Education on the efficacy of homework, showed that only 35% of students...
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