Homework 6

Topics: Database, Data hierarchy, File system Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Homework #6

1. What are the problems of managing data resources in a traditional file environment and how are they solved by a database management system?

The problems of managing date resources in a traditional file environment are data redundancy and inconsistency, program-data dependence, inflexibility, poor data security, and an inability to share data among applications. Database technology cuts through many of the problems of traditional file organization.Rather than storing data in separate files for each application, data are stored so as to appear to users as being stored in only one location. A single database services multiple applications

2. List and describe each of the components in the data hierarchy? The data hierarchy includes bits, bytes, fields, records, files, and databases. Data are organized in a hierarchy that starts with the bit, which is represented by either a 0 (off) or a 1 (on). Bits can be grouped to form a byte to represent one character, number, or symbol. Bytes can be grouped to form a field, such as a name or date, and related fields can be grouped to form a record. Related records can be collected to form files, and related files can be organized into a database.

3. Define and explain the significance of entities, attributes, and key fields

Entity- a person, place, thing, or event on which information can be obtained.

Attribute- a piece of information describing a particular entity.

Key field- a field in a record that uniquely identifies instances of that unique record so that it can be retrieved, updated, or sorted. For example, a person’s name cannot be a key because there can be another person with the same name, whereas a social security number is unique. Also a product name may not be unique but a product number can be designed to be unique.

4. List and describe the problems of the traditional file environment?

Data redundancy -the presence of duplicate data in multiple data files so...
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