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* Essay 1 due 2/17
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Essay 1 (the descriptive essay) is due in class on February 17, 2012.  Please refer to the syllabus regarding essay requirements and my policy for late papers. *Remember, I do not take emailed papers unless I have given you permission to do so based on prior arrangements. *Let me know if you have any problems opening up the attached essay assignment. *

For the Week of 1/30 - 2/3
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1) Due Wednesday (2/1) via email: Read Mestre-Reed's essay, "There is a Spitting Tree in Spanish Brooklyn" on page 152.  Answer the following questions: * Under Reading Closely, questions 1 and 3

* Under Strategies and Structures, questions 2, 4, and 5 * Under Thinking About Language, question 3
2) Due Wednesday (2/1) via email: Come up with five similes, five metaphors, and five examples of personification (refer to page 118 in Back to the Lake for a reminder on the figures of speech).  Try to avoid cliches (over-used phrases)!  Be creative and original! 3) Due Friday (2/3) in class: Open one of the attached pictures (one is Grand Central Station in NYC, and the other is Fenway Park in Boston).  You only need to write about ONE of these pictures. Try to imagine yourself there in the midst of what's happening in the picture.  Write a substantial paragraph (around 250 words) incorporating description based on each of the five senses.  Try to use enough specific detail to SHOW your audience where you are rather than telling them where you are.  Refer to page 120 in Back to the Lake to make sure that you are using "concrete details" and not using "filler words" in your description. Your paragraph can be typed or hand-written.  Be ready to share at least one or two details from your description with the class on Friday.
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