Homesick: Lexical Definition and Life

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Sela Ward, the author of Homesick believes her family shows her everyday what a home truly is. Keeping in touch with her Southern roots is a chronic part of her life. This paper will share with you ideas about the book Homesick in addition to how it relates to my life and English 121.

The book Homesick relates to my life in many ways. Like the author I feel the best gift my parents give me is spending family time together. Another way I can relate is that I get rapture from spending time with my friends. My family is also very close-knit like Ward describes hers in the book. Manners being a critical element to success are also an element that relates to my life. My life and the book Homesick have many ways they relate.

I thought the book Homesick was phenomenal. Ward used excellent writing techniques to make you feel as if you were living her life. The deep romance she feels for the South is fascinating. I enjoyed discovering about the charitable ways a successful actress has helped others. The story opens your eyes to lessons we carry with us from childhood. I didn't want to put down this excellent book until I had read it all.

There are many concepts in Homesick that relate to English 121. An acquisition in English 121 is to write for a universal audience; the book Homesick can be understood by a universal audience. English 121 and the book demonstrate how crucial it is to write descriptively. The book used good "hookers" to get the readers attention like we do in English 121. English 121 and the book closely relate in ideas.

The book Homesick relates to the reading Coming to an Awareness of Language by Malcolm X. The book and the reading are both expressive autobiographies. Both also reflect back to a previous time in the author's lives. Homesick and Coming to an Awareness of Language both demonstrate lessons learned by the authors. Both authors tried to emulate people they respected. There are many similarities between the book...
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