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Homescooling Vs Public Education

By outlawbaku Apr 17, 2015 263 Words
Interest in homeschooling is becoming more widespread around the world. In your opinion, should school be compulsory for all children, or should families be allowed the right to choose to educate their children at home. Discuss both views giving your opinion.

Education is one of the most important parts of our lives. There are different methods of education worldwide. The most common ones are public education and homeschooling. Many people believe that public education should be compulsory, while others believe that education should be flexible.

The option of homeschooling is beneficial in terms of flexibility and independence. Children don’t have to wake up early in the morning, hurry up while having their breakfast and get stressed when they are late to school. They can make their own schedule and this leads to independence of children in terms of making their own decisions. Moreover, children don’t have to wait lunch time to eat. They can eat whenever they are hungry. They don’t have to ask permission to use the restroom, since they can do it whenever they need to.

On the other hand, public education has also benefits in terms of socializing. In schools, children meet new people and communicate with them, get involved in sports and other useful activities. This kind of activities leads children to explore the society. However, public education has some disadvantages in terms of crime and student behavior. Children face with peer pressure and it can harm them psychologically.

To sum up, despite the socializing benefit of public schools, homeschooling seems to me more convenient in terms of safety.

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