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Catalina Villarroel: In favour of homeschooling.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, dear opposing team, teachers and judges. We are the debate team from Geronimo Rendic School. My classmates are Fernanda Castillo, José Plaza, Paloma Muñoz and I, Catalina Villarroel. Our team will defend the position that Homeschooling is the best form of Education. However, first we need to know the definition of homeschooling. According to Oxford Dictionaries, Homeschooling is “to educate (one’s child) at home instead of sending them to a school.” To begin with, Education has been one of the most debated topics in every country in the last three decades. Nowadays, the way we see education has changed. Several forms of education have grown since. It seems that the traditional system of education has left aside several students with great potential because of several factors like overcrowded classes which has drifted the focus from academics to discipline. Violence, bullying among others have caused a great drop out of students from this traditional form. A new trend of Education has been gaining adepts since its creation in 1969 in the US. We are talking about Homeschooling. A way of educating your children at home, under a flexible curriculum tailored to the students’ needs and pace. It’s been called one of the greatest educational movements of our time. In our case, the scenario is not very different. According to OFE (organization familiar escolar) institution, “December. 2002, taken from Latinoamerica Fomenta Homeschooling”, in Chile around 60 families in Chile practice homeschooling. The Think academy is a virtual school who provides paid curriculum to those families who want to give an alternative education to their children. Our motion will provide you, two arguments to support that Homeschooling is the best form of Education. First, this alternative way of education can provide a more personalized learning process which guarantees a meaningful learning and second, the view that Homeschooling provides a safer environment to learn, giving more importance to the family as the main educational organism based on love and security.

José Plaza: In favour of Homeschooling.
As Catalina said, Homeschooling can provide a more personalized and monitored learning process.  An important factor in consideration is that homeschooling can provide you the ability to tailor lesson plans to your children according to their age, maturity, pace and learning needs. Behind this idea, the view of lessons that fulfill different learning styles and pace are fully covered. On the other hand, in traditional school environments, classmates, and in general, classes often learn at very different speeds. All classmates learn differently and usually the lessons don’t satisfy every student’s needs because there is a strict curricular plan or schedule to cover. This situation results in students who get frustrated by the incapacity to stay in the same speed as the class. Homeschooling, on the contrary, provides slower learners more suitable lessons which allow them to stay on track and facilitates lessons tailored for the different learning styles. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to faster learners to move forward without losing the enthusiasm for learning. It also provides parents the ability to create curriculums which include subjects that are not covered by national programs. For example, growing vegetables, sewing, recycling and crafting. Although, good academic progress and achievements can be reached at the traditional system of education, the continuous population growth is leading to overcrowded classes and competitive schools. Add this to the recent economic difficulties, in Chile many schools are closing and teaches being laid off. This means that teachers are more overwhelmed than ever, often handling classes of 40 or more children at a time”. With homeschooling, teachers can work as tutors, monitoring students’...
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