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Many parents question what is the best education for their child, homeschooling or public education. Homeschooling tends to have a more direct and focused education more than public schools. Although, public schools have a more social atmosphere. Which education system is better, homeschooling or public? Which education system shows better results?

Homeschooling your child will allow your child to become much more intelligent because of a closer relationship to your teacher whom is your mother or father. Also, home-schooled children are allowed to learn at their own pace, however, in the public education system they offer programs for students of special needs. Having children learn at their own pace will allow them to absorb and comprehend to its full extent. Since home-schooled teachers are usually your mother or father, home-schooled children receive much quicker feedback then most public education systems. Receiving quicker feedback will cause less stress because public students tend to stress over a score they have not yet received. Once home-schooled children receive the quick feedback, they can go into depth with the questions they got wrong. In a public education system, there’s many more students for each teacher which makes it harder for the teacher to focus on one individual student. The home-schooled feedback will allow children to understand what mistakes they made and how to fix them. Ultimately, learn from their mistakes. This allows home-schooled children to learn more and become much more intelligent from understand their mistakes.

Along with having your child becoming much more intelligent, homeschooling also brings families closer together. Home-schooled children are with their parents and siblings a majority of their time. This draws families closer by bonding with siblings. Public educations don’t allow students to become closer to their teachers due to the number of students. Students whom are home-schooled rely on their parents for...
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