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June 6, 2013
Kinds of Home School At Home
In this generation, there are more and more students like to chase after their dreams. Because of that, there are more and more students apply for homeschooling. However, there are many kinds of homeschooling. Which kind of that is best suitable for you? If I were a home school student, I think I may choose eclectic one. I think eclectic approach is the most suitable for me because it is the most flexible. I can not only follow the curriculum from the school but also pursue my interests. I am going to introduce all kinds of home school. First, it is traditional homeschooling. Traditional homeschooling students have to follow the traditional curriculum which is designed by schools. Besides, their materials are textbooks which are also provided by the school you applied. In this kind of learning, the students must need some people to help them. The students learn at home by themselves, they must encounter some problems or they sometimes will be slothful. There must be a person who can remind them at any time. I think this kind of learning is best suitable for who has clear goal and active person. Secondly, it is unschooling. It is the freest kind of homeschooling. The students of unschool do not have any curriculum. Their courses are totally from their interests. Not to mention textbook, their teaching materials are museum, nature, or something they are interested in. Because of that, they simply do not need anyone to help them. They are self-taught students; they are not like traditional homeschooling students who need tutors. In this kind of homeschooling, it is best for students who have strong academic interests. Last but not least, it is eclectic approach. It is a way that curriculum is from whatever encourage students. The material can be textbooks, or something encourages enthusiasm for learning. In this way, the students of this kind sometimes need tutor to teach them with textbook, and...
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