Homer's the Oydssey

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 21, 2013
In Homer’s epic The Odyssey, Homer tells the story of a man named Odysseus who travels back to his home after countless years of being separated from his family. Odysseus, the main character, was very helpful in attacking Troy’s citadel during the Trojan War. After the war ended, Kalypso, a nymph, held Odysseus captive on her island for almost eight years. However, he has not been able to escape because there are no ships, men, or islands nearby and Poseidon, the god of the sea, despises him. Zeus and the other gods and goddesses assemble to decide whether to bring Odysseus back; as a result, they send a message to Kalypso about summoning Odysseus to come home. Both Odysseus’ son, Telemachus, and his wife grieve over his absence, and they worry whether he is alive or not. Telemachus, who has lived the majority of his life without his father, questions about his father. To travel to different places and find out more about his father was Athena’s counsel for him; in fact, Telemachus discovers that his father is alive. The men, who are the kings of the islands that Telemachus visits, tell Telemachus stories of his father from the war. Meanwhile, suitors settle in Odysseus’ palace so they can marry Penelope and arrange a plan to murder Telemachus as soon as he returns. Penelope endures the hardships of being without Odysseus and does not want to marry a suitor. On the island of Ogygia, which belongs to Kalypso, the mourning Odysseus wishes to travel back home. However, since there are no ships or men nearby, he has no way to go back to his family. The pitiless Kalypso, a beautiful nymph who is in love with Odysseus, just wants to love Odysseus and make him immortal. Odysseus goes to sleep with Kalypso every night by force, although he weeps on the shore by the rocks every day. The message that Hermes sends from Zeus to Kalypso tells her to send Odysseus home. What Odysseus needs is a raft so that he can travel to Scheria, so Kalypso shows Odysseus where to cut...
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