Homeostatic Balances

Topics: Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Heart Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Unit 1 Assignment 1: Homeostatic Balances
Homeostasis is maintaining an Internal Balance. If we fail to maintain an internal balance every system inside of our body will be disrupted. Hypertension
To explain to a 65 year old man with an 8th grade education, that he has hypertension, I would begin explaining, in a manor I believe that he would understand, what hypertension is and how it can affect him. ‘Hypertension is when your blood pressure is high on a daily basis. Blood pressure is considered to be high when the reading is 140/90 or higher. When your heart beats harder your blood pressure rises. High blood pressure can be caused by an imbalance in the Circulatory System and can lead to many other health problems including stroke and heart disease. Treatments that can lower blood pressure include lifestyle changes and medications. Lifestyle changes that can lower blood pressure are, but not limited to, diet changes, exercising and relaxation. There are a very wide variety of different medications that can be taken for hypertension.’ The homeostatic imbalance that causes hypertension is something that would raise blood pressure such as stress, being overweight, older age, ect. The organ system involved with hypertension is the heart.

The feedback system cannot maintain homeostasis because the heart is working too hard to get the blood pressure to a normal range. The consequences for not maintaining homeostatic balance can be major health problems associated with the heart such as stroke and heart disease. Reference: Some of the information I found was in a YouTube video- Hypertension Explained Clearly! 1 of 2 @ http://youtu.be/OmKVteeuQj0

To explain diabetes to a 13-year old middle school honors student who has just been diagnosed with it, I would begin with what diabetes is. ‘Juvenile-onset/Type 1 diabetes is a disease that is caused by your body not being able to produce or use insulin. For unknown reasons your body’s immune...

References: http://diabetes.webmd.com/guide/type-1-diabetes http://www.webhealthcentre.com/Healthcorners/diabetes_organs.aspx
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