Homeostasis: Metabolism and Body

Topics: Metabolism, Energy, Insulin Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: February 16, 2013
The human body has the ability to maintain a constant internal environment so that every organ and cell is provided the perfect conditions to perform its functions. This is called homeostasis. There is no organ system for this function. However, every organ plays a role in maintaining a constant internal environment. For example the lungs are responsible for the supply of oxygen to cells. The liver is to maintain a constant level of glucose and amino acids, and so on..

Temperature Regulation:

A healthy human should have a body temperature of 37°C. If the body temperature drops below 37°C, metabolic reactions become slower because molecules move slower and have less kinetic energy. If the temperature rises above 37°C, the enzymes of the body begin to get denatured and metabolic reactions will be much slower.

Sometimes, the temperature of the area you are at is low enough to decrease your body temperature. Sometimes it is high enough to raise your body temperature. This is why the body has the ability to control its body temperature. Our skin is responsible for this process.

The Human Skin:

The skin is an organ that coats your entire body. The skin is made up of two layers, the Epidermis and the dermis.

The epidermis’s main function is to protect the dermis which contains most of the structures, and protect the body from ultra-violet rays. The surface of the epidermis is made of tough, dead cells.

The dermis contains many useful structures. Hairs, sweat and sebaceous glands, sense receptors and erector muscles are responsible for controlling the body temperature. Blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the skin.

A healthy body is continuously gaining and losing heat. Metabolic reactions like respiration release a lot of heat energy, muscular activity increase the metabolic rate and release more heat energy. The body can also gain temperature from the surroundings like the sun or by eating hot food. Heat...
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