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Homeostasis can be defined as a point of balance or internal equilibrium that all kind of system both living and non-living can work to keep themselves in this state of balance. Mechanisms of homeostasis in human body

Temperature Regulation: If your body too hot or cold, there are several ways in which your temperature can be controlled. They involve sweating, shivering, capillaries and hairs. As we learn in the class when your body becomes; Too hot

When we get too hot:
(1) The sweat gland in the skin release more sweat. This evaporates, removing heat energy from the skin. (2) The blood vessels leading to the skin capillaries becomes wider , they expand allowing more blood to flow through the skin, and heat to be lost. Too cold

When we get too cold:
(1) The muscles contract rapidly when we shiver. These contractions need energy from respiration, and some of this is released as heat. (2) The blood vessels leading to the skin capillaries become narrower they tighten letting less blood flow through the skin and conserving heat in the body. TASK2

Endocrine system is the collection of glands and organs that produce and regulate hormones in the blood flows to control many functions of the body. This system overlaps with the nervous system and exocrine system, and its responsibilities include metabolism, growth and sexual development. Most animals that have advanced physiology, such as vertebrates and crustaceans, have an endocrine system. The hormones hidden by the endocrine organs are very important for regulating metabolic processes, growth of the body and sexual development. These glands release the hormones into the blood stream and are transported to the various cells and body parts. When the hormones reach the target site, they bind to the receptor cells with a lock and key mechanism. The hormone may be present within the nucleus or on the surface of the cells....
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