Homemade Glue

Topics: Adhesive, Vinegar, Eating Pages: 3 (1733 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Paste is the chief topic in this article. Paste is widely used worldwide. From schools to offices, from homes to buildings, paste is always present to help individuals in their daily lives. This material can be used in simple works or as an emergency utensil; from torn books to stripped parts of paper works; this tool is very significant in our lives. Paste is a thick, soft, moist substance, usually produced by mixing dry ingredients with liquid. It is a substance which is used to attach light things, such as papers, together just by rubbing it to one object to the other. This substance has only limited grip when used for it is not that sticky but is suitable to be used in fastening papers and such. This study talks about the problem of some people nowadays, especially to parents. This study is focused on the problem of children who often eat everything they touch or possess, which can cause their body sickness and even death. This study helps this problem that is common to parents who are very busy at work that they can’t even look up to their innocent children. By this study, parents should worry no more about these problems their children might cause. This project has a unique quality that makes it differ from the usual pastes we use every day. These qualities of our project, the homemade paste, really come in handy to our fellows with problems about toxics in their homes. This project isn’t only helpful to us, but is also easy to organize in times of financial crisis and emergencies to come. 1.2. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

1. Does this project show cohesiveness?
2. What are the significant differences of the study to the commercial ones? 3. Is the product safe to the consumers?
We hypothesize our study to be a bit successful in terms of its quality supposed to be achieved. The project is well but does not show cohesiveness in its feature. This project is quite...
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